Adjust the Sails!

When I pulled off my cute striped blazer on Thursday in order to easily lift and stack 11, 25 lb boxes to drag down to the UPS hub, something suddenly hit me.  You see,  just like I was changing outfits to easily transition from the role media interview to delivery woman, so an entrepreneur has to be able to maneuver seamlessly from role to role as they work to build their company. In fact I had just talked to the editor of Fargo INC! about that very thing just an hour earlier.  In our time together I told him that entrepreneurs that succeed are those that can adjust the sails and change direction depending on the wind. I learned this early on in my small business journey and to be quite frank, the same message applies to me today. Often this redirection can look like a significant concept change.  A great example of this is when we launched the reinvented “MODE concept” in 2008 and chose to move forward from the Mama Mia maternity concept which had first positioned us in retail.  Similarly, it can look like minor adjustments throughout the day as you observe the needs to the business and the team.

Take last Thursday for example, I started my day with a commute to Fargo for a press interview. Concept conversation, reminiscing about the company’s history and culture talk were all part of that first hour of the day. When the reporter and photographer left, there was hands on work that needed to be done. Throwing aside the blazer and multiple accessories (all of which looked fabulous for the camera but would hinder my mobility), I boxed up, labeled and delivered boxes so that my team wouldn’t have to stop their day to solve a problem that I had identified and could easily do. Fast forward to putting my blazer back on for meetings, conversations, a store visit; blazer back off for an in store team meeting and office hour and then back on one last time for another commute, landing me at an evening event celebrating women.

Just as the ability to be agile and adapt to the needs around us on a daily basis and big picture is essential for a forward trajectory in any company, so the ability to stay on task and use time efficiently is key. Although a master of none, I have observed that all great entrepreneurial leaders find these pieces to be key to their success. So, with that knowledge, I press ahead always ready to adjust my sails as needed whenever the wind drives our ship, called Small Business on a different, unknown or new course.

Get Your MODE On!

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