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If you are like us, we L-O-V-E scarf season!  Scarves are cozy fashion accessories that allow us to stay warm and look amazing – what’s not to love?!  Today we are bringing you some great ways to style the popular blanket scarf!  You may have seen these in some of our stores or have noticed other women rockin the look.  Too often we think “I don’t know how I’d wear that” when we see something out of our normal look.  Well, take a peek at the many ways you can wear this versatile scarf!  From a traditional look to doubling as a top, you choose whatever way makes you look and feel amazing, MODE girls.

blanket-scarf-collage blanket-scarf-10-7-16

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Last week we talked about fashion fixes and ideas for the tall girls, today we are excited to bring you some tips and advice for the short gal.  We hear many of the same complaints or feedback from our shorter gals that we do from our tall gals – it’s hard to tailor some of the great fashionable pieces to a specific height or frame.  You know we love helping women shop differently at MODE and along with that comes some ideas to make you feel your absolute best in clothes you love.

  1. Let’s talk denim first! At MODE our designer jeans can often run long, but never fear, we have many great options.  First off, find a pair that works for your body – don’t let the length get the best of you.  Hemming can keep the great shape of the jeans and the stitching can often be matched so they look like they were made that length.  Avoid cuffing them as an easy option, this can often give your legs a shorter look.
  2. When looking at denim color options, go for darker denim. Dark denim tends to elongate the legs and can give legs a longer and slimmer look.
  3. When boot season arrives, ditch those dreams of tall boots and go for some shorter boots or booties. Shorter boots will help to lengthen the look of your legs.
  4. For those beautiful flowy long sleeve tops, try cuffing and tucking them at the elbow. This will break up the sleeve, eliminate the issue of a sleeve that may be too long and also emphasize your great shape.
  5. Add some layers to lengthen your torso. This is as simple as adding a long fitted shirt under a sweater or a great accent tank that can pop out from under the sweater!

Short gals, don’t let your proportion stop you from trying something new, exploring a variety of fashion styles and feeling beautiful in whatever you want to wear!


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We love all of our MODE Girls and are always so happy to help women shop differently in our stores.  We often hear from our tall girls that they have “Tall Girl Problems” when shopping for clothes.  Rest assured, “tall girls” there are no problems with being tall and in fact, we have all sorts of tips to help you feel more comfortable in any look.  Here are a few that we absolutely love:

  1. MODE is “Home of the $40 Designer Jean” we know our jeans and the millions of way to wear them! For jeans a touch too short to appear intentional, cuff them and add a fun heal.  Try out a stiletto with a strap to add some extra fun shoe flare!
  2. Two words: Skinny Jeans!  These are a tall girl’s best friend.  If you are holding out on trying them on, do not delay any longer.  The skinny jeans add so much awesomeness to a tall frame.  We also love that skinny jeans can be both dressed up or worn as a casual look.
  3. Loud prints, patterns and fun tops are a great way to take any attention off of your long legs if you are self-conscious about them. Breaking up your look with a different color on top and bottom can also help to decrease and elongate your look.
  4. Opt for a waist length coat or fun vest this fall. These pieces will add more proportion to a longer torso and breaks up the outfit a bit.
  5. Two fun options that taller girls can embrace with confidence are statement pieces and over the knee boots. Don’t be afraid to test out some statement necklaces, scarves or a fun pair of over the knee boots!
  6. Our final and favorite tip for tall girls – embrace your height! Confidence is beautiful and we want you to know that YOU are beautiful!


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Pet hair, don’t care!  That’s the motto that we have to live with some days as pet owners.  It’s the cold hard truth, as a pet owner (or fur mama) we know that many times, those we love tend to leave their mark on our clothes, our furniture and our worlds.  Instead of stressing out about the hair/fur that can often become an accessory in your wardrobe, we’ve decided to share some easy ways to minimize it instead.

  1. Run washable clothing with pet hair on it, through the dryer on air dry before washing. This will shake off much of the hair, trap it in the lint trap and give your wash cycle a good opportunity to just clean the clothes. Remember to immediately clean out any hair trapped in your lint trap, you don’t want that hair to stay in there!
  2. If you wash a number of clothes with hair on them in the same cycle, add a ½ cup of distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle. This will relax the fabric and release the hair a bit easier.
  3. Do not overload your washer when filling it with hair covered clothing. This will allow for the items to move more freely and the hair to go down the drain when released.
  4. Using fabric sheets or anti-static spray can help decrease hair cling and makes it easier to remove it from your clothing.
  5. If you don’t have one of those great sticky rollers, use your kitchen gloves. Get them damp and rub them over your clothes which will create static and cause the hairs to cling to the gloves.

Finally, remember that pet hair happens!  Do your best to keep your important clothing pet hair free, but be sure to snuggle up on your furry family members when you can as well!


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We love our jeans at MODE and we love the feel, the look and the color of a fresh new pair of jeans.  So we get as sad as you do when our jeans start to deteriorate, fade, tear or pill.  Any of these options makes for sad day when our favorite pair starts getting into the “slightly worn” section of our closet.  Even with our amazing designer jeans at MODE, we know that the care we give to the jeans really can extend the life of them.  Today we want to share some easy tips to get some additional “newness” out of your favorite pair of jeans.

  1. If you are looking to preserve the color on your jeans, consider washing them less. Don’t get all grossed out over dirty jeans.  Unless you have spilled on them or did your workout in them, consider letting them live a little without washing after every use.
  2. When you are ready to give them a good wash, consider a few things:
    1. Turn you jeans inside out before washing and be sure to have the coldest temperature water.
    2. For those with more time on their hands, consider washing your jeans by hand. By washing, we really mean soaking as scrubbing them down is not a necessity and can add to deterioration of the jeans.  Brush if you must to get out any pesky stains or debris that may have been collected on your jeans.
  3. Do NOT dry your jeans. ALWAYS Air Dry!  Notice our intensity on that point?  This is so important in the process of extending the life of your jeans.  Hang them over a drying rack or on a hanger if needed, but let them breath to dry.  Keep out of the sun and give them some time.  If you cringe at the idea of the crunchy feeling of air dried clothes, you can simply toss them into the dryer once they are dry on air/fluff or the lowest heat for a FEW minutes (just a few, don’t get wild now).

Enjoy your jeans, love up on them like they do on you and when it is time for a new pair of jeans, you know where to find us.  We will always be the “Home of the $40 Designer Jean”


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Labor Day weekend is upon us and for many, this holiday signals the unofficial end of summer.  We know it may be sad to say goodbye to our summer days and our floppy hats, but we know there is a treat ahead.  This special time of the year brings us fall fashion and fall colors!  We can officially start talking about our new boots with skinny jeans and our favorite shades of fall as we sip our ever so tasty pumpkin spice lattes.  MODE Girls, we are eager with delight this season as you have already seen some of the colors arriving in our stores.  The beauty of olive green, blush, navy, grey and even camo are filling our closets and hearts with glee!

A few other colors to be on the lookout for include: mustard yellow, clay, a bold lilac purple, taupe and a bold red.  One things we do see is that some of the fall colors mirror a few of the hot colors for spring 2016, which means that they can be easily mixed together with fun jackets and layers as you update your wardrobe for the fall.

Go out and capture what is left of summer and when you are ready for the fall, know that you have some great color options waiting for you this season.

9.2.16 Fall Color Alert

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Going “bright” may be just too much for some girls to handle.  We get this and we know that some of you are delightfully comfortable in your neutral tone zone.  This can be an easy way to sort a closet, maximize your dollar when shopping and not appear too bold in your fashion sense.  Again, we get this, but we have an easy way to add just a simple touch of color to even the most neutral look.  Two of our favorite are purses and shoes.

Let’s start with purses!  Regardless of if you gravitate towards the handbag, clutch, cross body or tote, adding a fun color or a pop of a print can be just the right amount of color.  Some of our stores recently received some amazing prints with great fall colors in them.  A few of the colors included in the patterned pieces are not staple colors in many wardrobes.  The beauty of the color pattern is that they will tie in perfectly with a neutral look.  Some of the green, grey and navy tones that are so popular in the fall look great with a fun fall pattern.

Shoes can be just as fun and easy to add dimension to a look.  We are seeing beautiful colors this fall and even some amazing prints in ballet flats, heels and boots.  So many shades complement each other we love seeing a simple outfit look go glam with the right pair of colored or printed shoes.

This leads us to the challenge for you…not feeling like you need to match your shoes and bag!  No, MODE Girls, your shoes and handbag does not have to match, in fact that way of thinking can result in a huge waste of money.  Think of all of the possibilities you are missing out on if you are not combining a print and a color, or two colors!  A neutral outfit with a pop or combo of these pieces may be just what you need as you fall in to Fall!

8.26.16 Bright enhancements

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At MODE we love our basics and essential pieces almost as much as we love our $40 designer jeans.  We’ve also noticed that our customers love being able to find those pieces in our stores as well.  Luckily our MODE stores all offer essentials in the form of camisoles, tanks and t-shirts that provide amazing options for all types of looks.  Today we are going to focus on the ever so amazing t-shirt and why we love it.

Basic t-shirt: ok, this one is a given, ladies.  A great pair of jeans, an awesome fitting tee and a bunch of great accessories.  We are talking classic, cute and comfortable.  The tee, slightly tucked in the front paired with your favorite bracelets, necklace or scarf give the all around on point look.

Basic t-shirt: paired with a layering piece.  You’ve seen our love for our friend the blazer and it’s cousin the cardigan, but pairing those two with the basic tee adds a fun new variety to the look. A blazer or cardigan can often be used to warm a look up or add more of a business casual look.  Now taking these pieces matched with a great pair of jeans and a tee can also be a perfect combo for a casual look.  Another reason we love this is that you can mix the colors a bit.  One example is a printed blazer or a fun colored one can be paired with a great grey or white tee and can add just casual touch you are wanting.  Again, spice it up with a fun necklace and you are set.

Basic t-shirt: with patterns, pockets and prints.  This is a fun one we are seeing lately in our stores.  A basic tee with some colored stripes and a pocket with a different fabric.  It’s still your basic tee, but with a bit of a twist.  These are great as they can be worn alone and offer the option of pairing with a colored jean or legging for a fun yet dressy look, or worn in the two ways listed above.

However you look at it, the basic tee is here to stay and we are thankful for that.  Spruce up your fall wardrobe this year with these options that won’t break the bank.

8.19.16 Back to the Basics

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How could it be that time already?  We ask ourselves this very question each year, in addition to: where did the summer go?  Is it back to school already?  I feel like we just started the summer?  I planned on saving for back to school shopping and here it is upon us!  If you are asking yourself those questions, we have you covered.  We’ve heard it all and we are also in your world, so let’s look at some ways to make back to school shopping a touch easier this year.

  1. Take stock in what you already have!  Yes – take those fall totes out and do an inventory!  This is especially important if you are following a budget.  You may have packed some fall items away and forgot about some of the amazing pieces you have.
  2. Make room for more!  Clean out that closet, ditch and donate pieces that no longer fit, no longer serve a purpose and are simply taking up space. (hello prom dress from two years ago – it is time for a new home!) – this will also help with your budget as you can consign or sell these piece to add to your shopping fund.
  3. Outfit plan with your current pieces.  Have a great cardigan that you love but rarely wear? Can you envision it with a new color underneath or a fun new pair of colored jeans to spruce it up?  Plan to be on the lookout for something to add to that piece.
  4. Make a list!  Yes, lists aren’t just for the grocery store.  This will keep you on task so you don’t find yourself at the end of the day saying, wow – I got all of this great stuff but didn’t get anything that I had to have.  We know you may venture off of the list (duh – we love shopping as much as you do!) but keep it as a good reminder of those pieces you have to have for certain events or upcoming school year necessities.
  5. Go bold.  Try it out girls – be a bold, beautiful you this year and try a new color, new style or even a whole new look.  Cut your hair, try a new jean style, update your color pallet, whatever works for you – make it yours and yes, you can even do this on a budget!

Wishing you an enjoyable back to school shopping season.  We can’t wait to see you at MODE!

8.12.16 Back to school



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If you have been into a MODE store lately, you have noticed a look that our customers have fallen in love with as much as we have!  Two words, Dip Dye!  Now don’t be confusing this amazing fashion statement with the tie dye look of the past.  With a variety of cuts and patterns, this look combines a fun and feminine style.

A few fun ways to wear the look is to go casual and combine the top with a fabulous pair of jeans or make a white and colored dip dye pop with a great pair of white jeans!  Even our simple tee or tanks that have a dip dye look to them are perfect to add some variety to a casual look.

8.5.16 Dip Dye

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Summer is still here and we can confirm that that by the high temps we are seeing across the country!  While some minds are already wandering to the fall clothing options, we have a fun fashion tip that will keep you feeling the summer vibes regardless of what your closet or favorite fashion icons are saying.

One of the easier tips that can be changed depending on events, your mood or anytime you want is nail color.  The perfect hue can fancy up even the most ordinary look.  Some of the colors we love this summer are navy, grey/silver, coral, rose and the ever classics of cherry red and bubblegum pink.  Obviously some of these are easy to transition into fall (don’t worry we won’t call the fashion police on you) as the darker hues and the more neutral tones are often just as beautiful with the fall clothing colors.  We are also in major love with the options for the at home manicures lately.  Gel polish sets are a great investment as many times they include a polish/base with a good gel top coat.  No need to purchase that pricy get light either, the sets often offer the same benefits as the expensive packs.  Updating that manicure for the next season or color choice is easy as pie!

Now go out and enjoy your day, pick up some fun polish and Get Your MODE On!

7.29.16 Nail the perfect look

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We are taking a different angle on our Fashion Tip Friday today as we think it is one of the most important tips for all women.  While we highly believe in good style, great looks and easy ways to look and feel your best, we have an even bigger idea.  Our tip this week: Be Kind and Smile.  As women today we have immense pressure to look great, be healthy and have it all together.  The pressures of social media, perfect filters and criticism (even from those we don’t even know) on our every move can add such pressure to women who are simply being themselves.  We hear stories of body shaming, mom shaming, or over the top criticism of women who are putting themselves out there as leaders, story changers or advocates.  How about we, as women, play nice, act nice, smile and give other women grace and not criticism.  Building up other women and approaching your day with kindness and a smile is free, it is the best accessory, the perfect outfit and the answer to many questions on rock any look.

Let’s make change MODE girls and add some kindness and a smile to the world today!

7.22.16 The best tip we can give all women

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Preparing yourself for shopping seems a bit strange, doesn’t it?  Well, we have started to notice that so many of our customers come in with the wrong “gear” to get gauge a new look.  We totally understand the spur of the moment shopping adventure, but we gathered a few tips for you if you are on a mission for the perfect look.

Shopping for jeans:

  • Be sure you wear (or bring) the shoes you would normally wear with your pants.  This can be helpful for both the look of the style you are trying on, but also for the length.  At MODE we offer alterations, but often women don’t have the right shoes with so they estimate.  Save yourself the guessing and toss a pair of shoes in your car for days you are pants shopping.
  • Wear the right underwear!  For real – we aren’t trying to be funny!  The ones we wear under our workout gear may not be even close to what we would wear on a normal day.

Shopping for tops:

  • The most important tip is wear a bra if you normally wear a bra.  If you are like many of our MODE girls, you love a workout top with a built in bra for casual days and working out.  Not having a normal bra can really add to the need to improvise on the look.
  • Wear the right bra!  Again, the workout look is a-ok with us, but we know it can be tough to imagine that great tank dressed up when all you can see is the bright orange sports bra under it at the moment.
  • Have a blazer you need to match, or a top you need a cardigan for?  Bring it with – this will help you in deciding and you can try them together.  Let our team know what you are looking for and show us the item, we can help you pull together a fun look to match the item you currently own.

Shopping in general:

  • Ditch the suitcase of a purse when you are ready to shop.  Do yourself a favor and get a small bag that you can throw over your shoulder or wear without discomfort.  Fanny pack it up if you need, but don’t add bulk to your day!
  • We love accessories at MODE, but another favor you will thank us for – leave them at home when you shop.  Taking off scarves, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. can get annoying.  Go simple, add some fun earrings and a simple necklace that can be worn easily.  Less worry about forgetting those items in the room too!

Happy Shopping and Get Your MODE On!

7.15.16 Prepare for the dressing room

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We’ve all been there – trying to decide if it is a casual, comfy or classy outdoor event.  It is a struggle when the weather is hot, the sun is shining and the humidity is creeping in.  We all want to look good, but we know the term “BBQ” means many things to many people.  We came up with some tips for you to dress the part regardless of the weather and event type.

Tip #1 – the invite is simply “BBQ”, but you aren’t sure of the attire – or will there be activities?  How about this, pair a nice pair of shorts (denim or cotton) with a fun and flattering tank.  A nice loose tank like the chiffon tanks we have at MODE pair well as they can be easily dressed up or down.  We then suggest a long, yet simple necklace or a fun pair of earrings.  These can be easily taken off and put in a purse if the environment is a bit more low key.  Add a simple pair of nicer flip flops or a strappy sandal and call it good!

Tip #2 – the invite is a “BBQ” with a pool party, but you know it isn’t the type of place where you can show up with your floatie and snorkel.  We suggest wearing a fun sun dress or a strapless maxi along with some strappy sandals.  A bonus of this is that you can put you swim top on as a strapless bra under the dress and easily change into your suit if a dive in the pool becomes an option.

Tip #3 – a BBQ that turns into a later evening with a possible bonfire.  Hot days don’t always mean hot nights.  Some of our MODE girls live in climates that get downright cool at night.  For this type of event, pair your daytime attire (be it a dress, shorts and a tank or a pair of capris) with a nice scarf.  Sometimes a chill can be avoided by a little coverage on the neck area.  A light cardigan is also a great go to as it can easily be brought in a bag or purse.

We don’t get many months of summer, so be sure you are enjoying them to the fullest and always feeling great!

7.1.16 Surviving the Summer BBQ

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Ironing can be a real drag, can we just be honest about that.  When I first learned to iron, my mom gave me the task of starting with cloth hankies, you know the ones used in lieu of a tissue?  Yep, family tradition to still have those!  I felt so cool, testing out my skills and thought to myself, “I can’t wait until my adult years when I can wake up to iron before work!” Let’s flash forward to the year 2016 – I now dread the task…like can’t even stand seeing an iron!  That all being said, as an adult I know there are reasons and seasons for the iron and much to my dismay, I get wrinkles in my wardrobe.  If you are like me, you may end up LOVING some of the tips to eliminate wrinkles without the iron.

  1. Spray clothes with a mist of water (buy yourself a fun spray bottle if you must), gently smooth them out and let them hang.  This won’t work if you are trying it out a minute before you leave the house.  Give it some time to dry!
  2. Lightly wet clothes (with that fun spray bottle you just bought!) and put them in the dryer on low.  Be sure that you are doing this right before you wear them and you are not letting them sit to get wrinkled yet again in the dryer.
  3. Use your flat iron for a double purpose.  Be sure your flat iron is clear of any hair products and that your clothing can take the high heat.  This is a good option in a bind and you won’t have to haul out the irons evil twin, the ironing board!

There you have it!  Don’t get angry with those wrinkles, get even and get on your way to a great day!

7.8.16 Tips for those who despise the iron

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Until recently, I thought it was my weird obsession, I was a sunglasses hoarder! In cleaning out my stash of shades, I found out that many women have a collection of sunglasses similar to their shoe collection.  It’s true, there can be a shoe and a shade for every occasion, let’s examine the options!

The formal occasion sunglasses: these often include the types of frames that have clean and simple lines.  Less attention on the frames and more on the simplicity of it all.  Soft corners, casual colors and a matching color scheme with your outfit.

The casual sunglasses: while many expensive brands are designing the plastic looking shades, these are often more for a casual look.  Given the texture and sometimes the color and style of the look, they go well with jeans, shorts or even a day at the beach in your favorite swimsuit.

The concert and party shades: These are the fun pop of color, eclectic styles and trendier looking frames.  Often big brands will slap their logo on a great pair of shades and use them as giveaways.  If you are one to lose your shades at big events, seek these businesses out before you hit up the next big concert or festival.  The fun pops of color are also so great to go with any fun summer look and are the perfect accessory!

One final tip as it is definitely wedding season.  We recommend not wearing sunglasses at extremely formal events, unless it is after the event.  Even the fanciest of shades do not always go well with that black tie affair!

Ladies, with sunglasses priced at $14.99 everyday at MODE, you can definitely find a look to compliment any outfit!

6.24.16 Sunglasses for every occasion

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Distressing denim can often be puzzling to women as we cannot fathom ruining a perfectly good pair of our favorite fashion item.  Many women have received the comment “you PAID for those jeans with holes?” but ladies, we know that too often, THE most comfortable pair of jeans can have holes, are slightly thinning and are well worn.  Here is a great tip to distressing your very own pair of denim, so you can avoid paying the high prices that can often come from a regular pair of distressed denim.

First we suggest finding a great pair of jeans in your closet that you don’t wear a lot as they have “seen better days” but you can’t give up.  We know you have those in your closet and instead of ditching them, distress them and give them a whole new look.  If you took our advice from earlier FTF posts and donated or consigned your jeans, hit up a local thrift shop for a cheap pair that can be easily re-purposed.

  1. Put the jeans on and make marks on your jeans where you are wanting a good area of distress with chalk or a pencil.  This works well so you don’t end up with awkward placing in areas you are not wanting the distressing.
  2. Use sandpaper on the marks that you created for some extra distressing.  If you want to keep this to a minimum, feel free to skip this step.
  3. Cut small slits on areas that have been marked.  These slits will need to be 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from each other so you can easily pull out the synthetic thread (indigo thread) from the denim.
  4. Grab your trusty tweezer and pull the synthetic threads from the area.  Don’t stress about getting them all out as some will naturally fall into place when washed.
  5. Once you have all areas done that you wish to (don’t forget the pocket areas – both front and back!) toss those jeans into the wash on a cold cycle so the distressing can be enhanced with a little natural scrub in the tub!
  6. Throw the jeans in the dryer or air dry as you wish.
  7. Rock your “new” pair of jeans like the beauty that you are!

Fashion Tip Friday template

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One of our favorite add-on accessory to any outfit at MODE is a camisole, or most often referred to as the “cami” in most stores.  We are often surprised at how many women have never tried or don’t normally wear camis, so we wanted to share our love of the cami with you today.  Here is our list of why you should become best buddies with this great accessory!

  1. When you get a good one, it “hides the bumps and lumps” as one customer recently told us. We couldn’t agree more, the long, stretchy material is often what can separate the shirt from clinging to the lumps and bumps that are caused by our pants, undergarments and what God gave us!
  2. Adding a light and RIGHT layer to those great sheer tops and tanks this season will take a look from slightly risky to wear anywhere!  The light part will not leave you overheated with gobs of layers, but will give just what you need to wear any top comfortably!
  3. Square up that V-neck like a pro! We love the V-neck as it often shows up in many summer dresses, the ever popular rompers and even some great tops, but sometimes the V-neck shows off a bit too much of the girls up top.  By simply adding a cami to any top, you are squaring off the look and eliminating your worry of showing off too much skin.
  4. It can be worn as a top, not just a layering piece! The cami comes in a variety of colors and can be perfectly tucked into a great pair of jeans and worn solo.  We also love the look under a blazer or loose fitting cardigan!

MODE stores offer two amazing camis, one priced at $4.99 and our one size fits all stretch cami at $14.99.  If you have yet to dive into the world of the camisole, try one out next time you are shopping, we know you will fall in love with them just like we have!


6.10.16 Why we LOVE the Cami

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#Fashion Tip Friday

With Memorial Day 2016 in the books, the unofficial start of summer has hit us.  Just like that, Mother Nature blasted parts of our country with heat, humidity and a mass amount of rain.  With the sudden change in weather, many are scrambling to dig out their summer wardrobe and often unsure of what to do when the heat index increases but our love of jeans stays the same.  Our tip this week will teach you all about why jeans are not just for those cooler days and can still be our best friend on hot, humid and even rainy days!

How to wear them!  As we have shown in the past, we love adding a cuff to skinny or the classic boyfriend crop.  Add a nice sandal or boat shoe to complete the look of your cuff, but be warned, no socks when you are going for the cuff look.  Many times women worry about a new look and how to pair it with what they already have.  Take what you have, heels, sandals and boat shoes are great with this look.

If you have time and the heat hasn’t blasted you yet – take some time to wear in some of your newer jeans.  For a lighter weight option, stick to 100% cotton as we know it’s not the time of year to be sucked into a stretched denim that doesn’t breath.  Some great looks that we are seeing are a lighter weight skinny with some great distressing.  This won’t keep all of the heat in, has a good, thin fabric and looks amazing.

We love “dry” or the “raw” denim which can often be stiffer, but save those for a great fall look where you are looking for that extra less breathable option.

Of course, when in doubt opt for the crop, capris or the shorts, which are always a go-to option for summer denim.  Never fear, MODE girls we won’t let that beautiful denim slip to the back of the closet over the long days of summer!


5.31.16 Wearing Denim in any Temp

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I had the pleasure of shopping with a great friend recently as she was in hot pursuit of THE perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding.  Now we all know when we are looking for the perfect outfit, it nowhere to be found.  The perfect outfit often finds US…when we aren’t necessarily looking, in the market for or have it in the budget.  This was our experience on our shopping adventure, which lead us to examining her current options in her closet at home.  After seeing at least 3 suitable and beautiful dress options, I suggested to her that we change the look of the dress up.  Are you ready for this?  I suggested we add some fun, funky and colorful statement jewelry!  Yes, ditch the idea of a whole new dress, let’s jazz up what we have and make it a whole new look.  Wild idea, I know…but too often we forget that we can make something we currently own into a whole new look.  At MODE we offer beautiful designer statement necklaces that sometimes retail for up to $100 but are MODE priced at $14.99 EVERYDAY.  With options like this, you can change up any look this summer!

5.26.16 Statement Necklaces

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