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#FashionTipFriday: De-Snag Your Favorite Sweater

Somedays there’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee, a good book, and your favorite sweater. However, each of these are a little less endearing when one part of the equation is missing. That’s, perhaps, one of the reasons why a snag in your oldest, comfiest sweater (or the brand new one you just took the tags off) seems so devastating. But… the timing just isn’t right, you think to yourself. I just got it… I don’t want to let it go.

We think you shouldn’t have to.

Rather than tossing out your favorite sweater (and ruining a perfectly good morning to snuggle up to a great book), why not at least try to fix it? Yes, we said it. Fix those snags and never look back. Introducing the snag nab-it tool: a real life-changer for all of us sweater-obsessed women.

The needle-like tool has a textured end similar to a nail file. The process is easy: when you find a snag, poke the thread through, pulling the tool (and snag) to the inside of the sweater. If you’re feeling really frugal, you can mimic the process with just a pencil, pushing the snag through and pulling it with your fingers to the inside.

In one swift step, your sweater will look like new… and, most importantly, you’ll be back to your hot coffee and dreamy book. #Ahhh

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#FashionTipFriday: 10 Winter Hues That Rock

#FashionTipFriday: 10 Winter Hues That Rock

Though it may not be realistic to implement all runway trends into our everyday lives, color is one fashion suggestion that anyone can grab hold of. As the autumn leaves fall and the air chills with every new sunset, we must admit that, again, we’re closer to another change in season.


As winter approaches, we ask ourselves, “What’s next for my wardrobe?” Thankfully, color-wise, Pantone and runway fashion help to answer that question for us. This year’s fall/winter 2015 palette is genius. These 10 new hues are sure to liven up your wardrobe:


  1. Dried Herb. Think olive or army green. Boots, jackets, and even pants are versatile in this color. Dried herb can be paired with another neutral, like cream, or—if you’re feeling adventurous—mix it with red-orange for a bold look.
  2. Oak Buff. Oak buff is the perfect combination of mustard and sunshine yellow, yielding happiness in the dead of winter when we need it most. A statement necklace or blouse in this warm shade may be just the mood boost your office needs.
  3. Marsala Wine. This rich, red-brown color took the cake as Pantone’s 2015 color of the year… and we’ve fallen in love. Whether you incorporate this shade into your wardrobe as an accessory (like hats, belts, and scarves) or a full winter skirt, we’ve managed to find 101 uses for this color.
  4. Biscay Bay. This serene teal hue is especially stunning in silky or shiny fabrics, adding dimension to the already-vivid color. Being loud on its own, we suggest pairing this bold hue with black… then walking with confidence.
  5. Reflecting Pond. The deep hues in this color make it a chic alternative to black. Rock a pond-colored boot, blouse, or blazer to work for a sophisticated fashion statement.
  6. Cadmium Orange. Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s, runway fashion incorporated cadmium orange to liven up the typically dull winter hues. This color pairs perfectly with Pantone’s neutrals for the season: reflecting pond, desert sage, and stormy weather.
  7. Desert Sage. Not only is the name cool, so is the hue. A combination of gray and green gives us a unique neutral to pair with nearly anything in our wardrobe. Mixing it with the unthinkable, like pastels, is perhaps our favorite way to sport this color trend.
  8. Cashmere Rose. Although this color is a play on the 60’s, we see Pretty in Pink all over it. Bring out your inner Andie with a cool rose blouse or slacks.
  9. Stormy Weather. Capturing the hue of a hazy, cloudy day, this blue-gray color implies luxury. Try this color in a fur vest or crew neck sweater. Your wardrobe will be silently screaming, “Power woman.”
  10. Amethyst Orchid. Amethyst orchid is in a league of its own. The vibrant color is unique and intriguing, making it a great choice for special occasions (like a hot date) when you want to be noticed. Pair it with other bold colors like biscay bay and cadmium orange.

When the cold winter weather has you uninspired, look to these beautiful hues to lift your spirits and give you a boost of confidence in every fashionable step you take.


(Pantone fall/winter color pallette link—for photos)


TOP 10 WINTER 11.6.15

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Other than the beauty of the changing trees, the smell of apple pie, and the cool, crisp air (that invites us in for a snuggly Saturday afternoons), our favorite thing about fall is boots. Although the end of summer means packing up our sandals, it rewards us with a new look—a look that we love.


Perhaps, it’s the versatility that we love most.


For short boots, you’re able to roll your favorite pair of skinny jeans into a cuff, add a chunky sweater and long necklace and you’ll have a cozy, fall look.


For mid-height boots, you can ditch cuffing your pants and instead use boot cuffs. Scrunch them up around the top of your boot to add dimension to your outfit (not to mention stay a little warmer on a chilly fall night). Boot cuffs also come in handy when wearing tall boots. Pull them up a little higher and fold them over the top of your boot to incorporate color into your otherwise black boots.


While skinny jeans are ideal for most tall boots, it’s not to say your boot cut jeans won’t do the trick. Speaking of trick, the trick to this is taking the hem of your pants and wrapping it around your leg. This will ensure that the excess fabric is smooth. Slide a sock on to hold it in place and voila! You have homemade skinnies and you’re looking hot!



ftf boot cuffs - 10.30.15

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So you’re a mom (or maybe even the girlfriend of a tri-sport athlete). How are you expected to maintain that school spirit when you transition from your son’s 40-degree football game followed by your daughter’s indoor, melt-your-face-off-humid swim meet? No woman in her right mind is going to keep that jacket and scarf on all in the honor of her children (or boyfriend).

What if we told you that you didn’t have to? Take it off, ladies!

The key to environmental versatility is layers. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… we love layers. Why? Because comfortability is important and, as women, our bodies are finicky. Too hot or too cold is not ideal. If you can avoid it, why wouldn’t you?

This tip is simple: start with a base outfit in your team’s colors—something you could wear inside or wherever you expect to be warmest. From there, begin adding layers. We suggest jeans over leggings, a sweatshirt or thick sweater over your tee, and scarfs, hats and mittens in your team colors. So maybe the football game turns out to be 60 degrees… perfect, you have layers to lose.



Game Day Versatility 10.23.15

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One of the best inventions (and trends) this season doubles as a knock-out fashion statement and a cozy, source of warmth. The chunky-knit scarf is genius and we applaud whoever designed it.


The best part about these scarves is the myriad of color and design options. Solids and stripes are an easy way to merely accessorize your team-spirited wardrobe. It doesn’t take much more than that. Scarves with different textures or gauge knits, on the other hand, can make a statement of their own. They are the centerpiece of your outfit and pair well with jeans and a neutral-colored top. No need to worry about the rest of your attire when your scarf does the talking for you.


But that folks, isn’t even the best part. So you find yourself on the gridiron sidelines on a chilly October evening, in hopes to catch a glimpse of your team’s win. In the past, you’ve found that even the hot cocoa couldn’t warm you and you missed some of the best plays, instead focusing on your own survival. But this time, you have cleverly outwitted your freezing fellow fans. You’re wrapped up in a scarf that doubles as that much needed extra layer, and you’ve just witnessed the game-winning pass.


Who needs a BOGO sale, when you’ve got a two-in-one right here? #ScarfMe






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October not only means autumn is upon us, it means some of our favorite sports seasons are in full swing. But it’s not all rose-colored jerseys. In fact, it doesn’t have to be. No matter how much we love our favorite jerseys, wearing them six Saturdays in a row is too much for any piece of clothing. (Seriously, we don’t want you to smell.) And homecoming calls for something special, right?

This week try out a style that says, “I never thought sporty could look so good.” How? We’ve got just the answer.

Stripes are not only trending, they’re the perfect way to incorporate your team colors into your outfit in the classiest of ways. Throw a cotton, striped dress, tights or leggings to match your team, and add a statement necklace and bracelet to top it all off.

October not only means autumn is upon us, it means some of our favorite sports seasons are in full swing. But it’s not all rose-colored jerseys. In fact, it doesn’t have to be. No matter how much we love our favorite jerseys, wearing them six Saturdays in a row is too much for any piece of clothing. (Seriously, we don’t want you to smell.) And homecoming calls for something special, right?

This week try out a style that says, “I never thought sporty could look so good.” How? We’ve got just the answer.

Stripes are not only trending, they’re the perfect way to incorporate your team colors into your outfit in the classiest of ways. Throw a cotton, striped dress, tights or leggings to match your team, and add a statement necklace and bracelet to top it all off.

If you’re worried that it’s impossible to find your team colors in stripes, then ditch the dual color idea and opt for a solid color dress. You’re still able to add that team spirit with accessories and layers (our favorite).

Who said gameday had to be taken so literally? We’d rather be #PinterestWorthy.


#FashionTipFriday #MODE


FashionTipFriday Sports team color spirit 10.9.15

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#FashionTipFriday: Office Game Day

Casual Friday should be legalized across America. We’re not talking shorts, a tank, and flip flops. We’re talking a little game day spirit to cheer up the office on a Friday afternoon. Ditch the tailored slacks and silk blouse–we’ve got something better in mind. #TGIF

Instead, try pairing your favorite sports tee or jersey (whether it’s college football, pro hockey, or your daughter’s swim team) with office-worthy layers. Your options are endless. Get creative.

Think: your favorite tee or jersey tucked into a pencil skirt, accompanied by work-appropriate heels.

Or… for a more formal, feminine look try a glitzy statement necklace with a cardigan, or throw your jersey over a gingham button up to master the preppy look.

If those looks aren’t quite your style, perhaps you should keep it simple. Pair your tee with a sport blazer, chunky scarf (in your team colors), dark wash jeans, and killer boots.

The key to this look is layers, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Most importantly, don’t forget it’s Friday; let’s celebrate!


FashionTipFriday Sports shirt offce game day

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Pedometers have become the latest wearable fitness trend with many women – including many of our MODE ladies!  If you are like us, we like to glam up our look by adding a variety of wrap bracelets and watches to accent our pedometers.  MODE offers a host of different styles, colors and metals at the low price at the everyday price $14.99!  Nobody ever said you can’t be fashionable while tracking those steps!


Pedometer And Accessory 9.11.15


#mode #getyourmodeon

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Fall items we LOVE at MODE!  Cropped Jackets!


Cropped jackets are a wardrobe must-have this fall. The boxy, cropped silhouette will make a big statement this season. It is the perfect item to wear at the office and also transitions nicely into a night out on the town. Cropped jackets can be more playful in appearance in comparison to a restricting blazer while they still offer that needed structure.


Cropped jackets pair nicely with those summery tanks that you aren’t willing to part with just yet. Don’t be afraid to wear them with jeans for a casual yet well put together look. Create balance in your look by pairing it with a longer top that peeks out from underneath the jacket. Cropped jackets are also a great alternative to knitwear and a stylishly subtle way of adding layers during the upcoming chilly months.


MODE carries a wide variety of cropped jacket styles and colors, perfect for your back to Fall wardrobe!


Cropped Jacket 9.4.15

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The web is full of tutorials. Here are a few of our favorites!


scarf tutioral





Scarf tutorial 2

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Dress up any pair of jeans with a nice cami, blazer and accessory.  Throw on any pair of heels and give it that final pop!

Find your casual Friday office outfit at MODE!


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#FashionTip Friday

It’s time for you check out the Designer Jeans at MODE. Once you’ve tried them on, you’ll never want to take them off! 

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about the Designer Jeans we carry! 

#1 The jeans are made of a very soft denim with comfort for some stretch.  Designer Denim starts off feeling like crispy burlap but is put through an extensive process that softens them.

#2 Designer jeans are not your ordinary jeans.  When trying them on, they might be a little snug, but that’s ok!  Designer jeans will stretch a little to form to your body.  Most denim contains some spandex for that very reason but still keeps the shape.

#3 MODE values locally made denim from here in the US. 

#4 We are committed to making your shopping experience at MODE an unforgettable one.  Our staff promises to help you find that perfect outfit that fits your body type at a fraction of the price. 

#5 Many of our amazing brands retail for between $75.00- over $100.00 a pair, but you can find them at MODE, the Home of the $40 Designer Jean®, for only $40!


Reasons to buy jeans 8.14.15

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Perk up your outfit by simply adding a statement necklace.  Someone is always wearing one of these loud and proud, why aren’t you?  Don’t know what necklace goes with what outfit? Stop in to MODE and we can help you.  We know what styles of necklaces go with every neck style, top and even prints and solids.


fashion tip friday 8.7.15



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Neutrals and earthy tones are this years top picks for fashion colors of the Fall/Winter season.  These neutral tones will range in various colors but will be great to add a bold color statement or pattern to reflect the neutral color.  With this color trend there is really no such thing as colors that can’t work together.  Layered with solid colors or even patterns this color pallet will balance itself out no matter  which style you choose.  What a fun combination of colors with great energy for this Fall/Winter!  Look for these colors at your local #MODE store


2015-2016 FallFashionColors 7.31.15

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I’m one of those people that usually notices when someone has something spilled or smudged on their clothing.  It’s nice to point out these kinds of things to people, right? I know I would want someone to tell me if I had a stain on my shirt!

I can’t even count how many times I have had to use this trick!  If you don’t have baby wipes on hand, try a dryer sheet (dry!) to remove the deodorant stains.   Give it a try, we know you will thank us!

7.23.15 Deodorant Stains




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Do you wear denim everyday?  If you are like us, we practically live in our jeans.  Although jeans may seem to be indestructible, you may be ruining your jeans simply by how you store them.  What?  Yeah, you may be storing your jeans wrong.  If you fold your jeans in half and then hang them, S-T-O-P!   Try folding your jeans instead, it prevents creases and helps keep the shape of the jeans!






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There is something about wrinkle free clothes that just looks and feels so good!

Before when my clothes weren’t really dirty, but wrinkly I would put them in the laundry and just wash them again so they wouldn’t be wrinkly… Until I got a steamer from my mom for Christmas!   It has literally changed my life!  I LOVE my clothes to be wrinkle free.  Now that I have a steamer, I steam my clothes and they look fresh, wrinkle free and ready for another wear.  Steamers are great for pants, shirts and dresses.  You can steam pretty much any kind of fabric, just make sure not to put the wand directly on the fabric until you know for sure how your garment will react to steaming.  For normal fabrics I just fill up my steamer with distilled water , turn it on and wait for a minute for it to warm up – then get to work!

For those of you without a steamer, don’t worry.  Turn your shower on the hottest it can go, and shut your bathroom door. Then hang your shirt (or dress or top) from the shower rod on the end, away from the water, and let it steam it for about 20 minutes or so depending on the fabric.  It might take a little more time then just steaming.  Now you have no reason to rock wrinkled clothes!




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Last night while prepping for the 4th of July festivities, my neighbor and I were talking about what we would each be wearing. She showed me a racerback top that she had in mind to wear. I told her that I don’t wear those tops because I don’t have the bra to go with it. That’s when she informed me of this super awesome paperclip trick!

Check out the awesome visual to enhance your style!  Credit: Luxe Austerity

Now I can wear any top I want. Check out this one that our stores got in, just in time for the 4th of July!

You can read the blog from  Luxe Austerity  here

To see the latest arrivals at MODE, click here


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Jeans are a very important item of your wardrobe.  We’ve discussed how to  dress them up or wear them casual, how to roll them in different ways and what fit works best for your body type.  So now we have to care for them.  You’ve spent enough money and time trying to find your favorite jeans and your favorite fit, take care of them!

Let’s start with preparing your jeans for their wash.  Turn your jeans inside out before tossing them into the wash.  You don’t want the fronts of your jeans rubbing on the side of the wash tub, or have buttons, zippers or snaps to damage your jeans.

Read the label on your jeans, see if there are any specific washing tips that you need to follow. Some jeans should be washed alone on the first wash, or washed very rarely. Make sure to follow the recommended care instructions.

Set your washing machine on the gentle or delicate cycle and fill with cold water.  Never wash the jeans in hot water, it can cause color loss, especially in darker jeans. Hot water may also shrink your jeans.
Last but not least, hang your jeans to dry.  If you must dry your jeans, tumble them on a delicate cycle with low heat.  Avoid over-drying your jeans to prevent them from shrinking and losing color from the fabric.
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Everyone loves to save money, right? And when you have designer clothes, that you actually spent money on, you want to keep your clothes in tip top shape.  I’ve never been one to take my clothes to the dry cleaners.. NEVER.. I probably should, but I don’t. I could give you the same excuses every time. 1) I don’t have time 2) Why pay for it when I can do something similar at home? 3) I don’t have time…. I already said that, I know, but I really don’t.
So here is it. I’ve done some searching and of course snooped on pinterest and I came across this awesome resource.
Note: All the credit goes to the crazy coupon lady for her blog for cost comparison.

Cost comparison: professional dry cleaning vs. at home “dry cleaning”

For men’s garments, the price is typically lower to dry clean shirts and pants. But for women’s garments, the price can often double or triple! Here, let’s look at the difference between dry cleaning some typical items, and home cleaning those same items.

Typical dry cleaning prices:

  • Shirt (women): $5-$6
  • Shirt (men): $1-$3
  • Pants (both): $5-$6
  • Skirts: $5-$6
  • Suits (both): $10-$12
  • Sweater (both): $5-$6
  • Specialty: $15+

Home “dry cleaning” price estimate per wash:

  • Woolite 16oz (8-10 loads; 10-12 basin washes): $7 average price
  • $0.70 per wash!

The gentlest detergents

These detergents are all great alternatives to expensive dry cleaning services:

Great tips to “dry clean” any fabric at home

These tips are listed by fabric type. Also be aware that some garments may only need to be dry cleaned the first time—after that you can get away with hand washing or the delicate wash cycle. You can also look to see whether the tag says “dry clean” or “dry clean only”—when it comes to at-home dry cleaning alternatives, there’s a difference!

1. For silk

Silk fabric is perhaps the most fragile and problematic to clean. The key with silk and at-home “dry cleaning” is to only try this at home if your silk item is one solid color. For multi-colored silk, the bleed may destroy your garment.

If your silk garment fits the “one color requirement,” here’s what to do:

  • Heat the water to around 100 degrees.
  • Put on some gloves to protect your hands from the heat.
  • Swirl in a gentle detergent (any from the list above will work).
  • Immerse your silk garment and move it about in the water.
  • Let the water out and refill the basin with cool clean water.
  • Immerse your silk garment again and move it about to remove the detergent.
  • Hang it indoors—in a more humid room like a sunroom or bathroom is best.

2. For rayon

Rayon fabric is quite a bit hardier than silk—thankfully.

Here’s how to clean it:

  • Fill the basin with cool, clean water.
  • Add in a bit of detergent.
  • Swirl the garment around in the water.
  • Refill the basin with cool, clean water.
  • Swirl the garment around to remove the detergent.
  • Press the excess water out of the garment with a towel.
  • Lay the garment flat or hang it to dry somewhere indoors.

3. For wool

All kinds of wool—angora, cashmere, et al—respond well to at-home washing so long as you make sure to reshape it before setting it out to dry.

Here’s what to do:

  • Swirl in some detergent with 100-degree water.
  • Add in the garment and gently move it about in the water.
  • For the rinse water, add one capful of white vinegar.
  • Lay the item out flat on a towel, reshaping it carefully to its original shape and size.
  • Dry it indoors only for best results.

4. For delicates

Delicates—panties, bras, anything with lace—don’t typically need to be dry cleaned, but they do need to be washed with TLC. Always use a mesh bag if you plan to put delicates into the washer. The best plan, however, is to follow the hand-washing instructions for rayon fabric.

Note: As an equally inexpensive alternative, you can also use a bit of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo and wash your delicates in the shower with you, then simply hang them to dry.

Other at-home options

You can also use a home dry-cleaning pack if you prefer. These packs are a bit pricier than simple detergent and water, but may be a better fit for truly sensitive fabrics or worn delicates.

1. Dryel

Dryel is an at-home dry cleaning alternative that uses steam power to clean your sensitive fabrics. Each pack costs around $7-$10 (depending on where you purchase) and will clean about 24 garments (four per wash). Sign up for the Dryel newsletter to be alerted about coupons and special offers.

2. Dry Cleaner’s Secret

Dry Cleaner’s Secret is an at-home dry cleaning alternative and is also a Woolite product. The pricing and wash capacity is about the same as for Dryel.

3. The “damp towel” method

For a quick-and-dirty at-home dry cleaning option, simply place the garment and a damp towel into the dryer and run for 20-30 minutes, then remove and allow the garment to hang to remove any wrinkles.

4. The delicate wash cycle

Rayon, delicates, wool fabrics and cotton/synthetic blends can all withstand the gentle cycle with cold water. Use mesh bags for delicates.

5. When in serious doubt, opt to dry clean

There may be a few instances when only professional dry cleaning will do.  For instance, for very special garments (such as wedding dresses or heirloom pieces), fine linen, multicolored silk, very worn or delicate items, leather and suede are all examples of items where the cost of dry cleaning may be justified. If you spend judiciously on dry cleaning when you really need it, you can safeguard truly precious garments without overspending on items that are easily cleaned more inexpensively at home!


There you have it. Which one are you going to try?   If you have a fashion tip for us that you want  us to blog about, feel free to contact us here or through facebook/ MODE and send us a message.


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