An Entrepreneur With……. Creative Block?

Creative block. You know, like “writer’s block” except for entrepreneurs! An entrepreneur, just like a writer, is required to be creative, ingenious, forward thinking and always on the cusp of something new. Sometimes, entrepreneurs get “creative block!” Sometimes entrepreneurs, aka small business owners, just want to sit and listen and let someone else do the thinking.

What is a small business owner to do when they just run out of the energy to think of another idea, come up with another plan, execute on another creative idea? What does an entrepreneur do when they get “creative block?”

I think there are several practical actions any entrepreneur or small business owner can take when the creative juices just won’t flow.

1. Dig deep and force-feed yourself. Identify the problem in front of you and research the be-jeebers (is that a word?) out of it. Yes, force-feed yourself! Make yourself see a new point of view, observe your competition, listen to your critics and then seek to understand.

2. Pull your team in close. You hired your team for a reason. Each team member has a gift and a skill that makes them a valuable member in your organization. Pull those team members close, tell them you need help and let them shine as they rise to occasion!

3. Get away from your desk. I think this is the hardest part for a small business owner and entrepreneur, however, we need to allow our minds to rest and recharge. This can be as simple as a walk after work or quiet time each morning. Our minds must be turned off. (Easier said then done I know!!).

4. Invest in someone else. Get out of your zone and invest in another entrepreneur or small business owner. Sometimes understanding the struggles and joys of others will produce more ideas than any book in the library!

Get rid of that “creative block” and Get your MODE on!


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