Developing the Next Generation of Women Who Lead

As a mother of a “tween” I often look across the room as my daughter practices piano, works on homework, or finishes her latest art project and think about what she will become. How do I ensure that my daughter is a woman who leads? Is there a book she should read? Is there a class she should take? Or, am I to be her mentor? Is my role perhaps to not only be her mom but also to be her shining example as a woman who leads and one that leads well? More importantly, if that is to be me, what does that look like?

When I opened the doors to my first store, my daughter was two years old. She has known nothing but having a mom who is always talking business. Our life has been atypical by most standards. Right or wrong, through the often stormy days of small business ownership, I have chosen to use the ups and downs as perfect opportunities to show my daughter how to lead. I have by no means arrived as an expert and I do not come close to getting everything right when it comes to leadership! However, I do realize that through transparent conversations, I can teach others what leadership should look like.

If we truly want a new wave of women who will lead, we need to teach this generation to focus on looking outside their box of self-comfort and stretching their comfort zone into the sphere of serving others.  We all have young women in our lives who we can influence positively. These eager leaders come from those we teach in school, those who play in our front yards, those who we volunteer to partner with through programs like “Big Brothers, Big Sisters,” the opportunities are all around us.

Confidence in leadership is born from an attitude that says:

  • I am responsible for my success AND for my failure, therefor I will accept accountability for every action
  • There is always someone I can serve
  • There is always something I can learn
  • Tomorrow is a new day! A clean slate with the opportunity to do better

As we focus on this next generation of women who will lead, we need to start with these basic principles.  Additionally, we must model them and reflect them in our daily lives.

Go find a girl that you can encourage to lead with confidence and together Get Your MODE On!

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