#Fashion Tip Friday

8.4.17 FTF-frayed denim

DIY Frayed Denim

DIY projects are some of our favorite hobbies to do here at MODE. We recently dove into the trend of the DIY frayed denim. This look adds subtle detail to a whole outfit, and works with cropped or full length denim. Here are 2 different ways to distress your denim.


>Cut your denim at the desired length you would prefer

>Grab lose thread with your fingers

>Take sandpaper against the denim for a more distressed look



>Cut your denim at your desired length

>Mark with chalk how long you will want your fringes to be

>Cut vertical stripes up to the chalk mark

>Take a seam ripper or tweezers and begin to pull apart threads until finished


If you don’t want to fray your own denim, there are denim styles that are pre-frayed and finished for you!

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