Beautiful weather brings about some of our favorite looks and along with them come amazing shoes. With the sunshine out, I brought out two of my favorite pairs of shoes this week, a pair of cute flip-flops and my go to ballet flats. I love these shoes, they let my feet breath a bit after the long winter of hibernation. The only problem is, they leave your feet feeling like they were in a marathon as the piggies aren’t used to the rubbing of the fabric, leather or plastic on our summer shoes. Another sad side effect is the smell from wearing a ballet flat in the warm weather. Let’s be honest, nobody has tim for blistered feet and smelly shoes. Luckily we have some tips for you to get through some of the most painful and awkward shoe problems of summer.
Blisters, they are inevitable in the summer. Wearing heels on a hot day, new shoes needing to be broken in or just letting our feet get used to our summer shoes, we tend to brew up a few. A first step to try involves when you buy your shoes. Our feet swell during the day and even more so in the summer. Try to do your shoe shopping at the end of the day to get a good feel for the type of shoe you are trying on. Another preventative measure is to mold your new shoes to your feet. Simply spritz your new shoes with a bit of water until they are damp. Wear them around until they dry and let them form to your foot.
Shoe smell, ick! Ballet flats are so cute, but many times a culprit for odor. This is my favorite tip and it works! Put a few drops of essential oils (I personally like the DoTerra purify, but others work well too) with a few tablespoons of baking soda in your shoes. Let it sit overnight and pour out the baking soda in the morning. Be careful with leather and other materials as the oil can stain!
Let those toes enjoy the summer sun this year!


4.29.16 Summer Shoes

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