Until recently, I thought it was my weird obsession, I was a sunglasses hoarder! In cleaning out my stash of shades, I found out that many women have a collection of sunglasses similar to their shoe collection.  It’s true, there can be a shoe and a shade for every occasion, let’s examine the options!

The formal occasion sunglasses: these often include the types of frames that have clean and simple lines.  Less attention on the frames and more on the simplicity of it all.  Soft corners, casual colors and a matching color scheme with your outfit.

The casual sunglasses: while many expensive brands are designing the plastic looking shades, these are often more for a casual look.  Given the texture and sometimes the color and style of the look, they go well with jeans, shorts or even a day at the beach in your favorite swimsuit.

The concert and party shades: These are the fun pop of color, eclectic styles and trendier looking frames.  Often big brands will slap their logo on a great pair of shades and use them as giveaways.  If you are one to lose your shades at big events, seek these businesses out before you hit up the next big concert or festival.  The fun pops of color are also so great to go with any fun summer look and are the perfect accessory!

One final tip as it is definitely wedding season.  We recommend not wearing sunglasses at extremely formal events, unless it is after the event.  Even the fanciest of shades do not always go well with that black tie affair!

Ladies, with sunglasses priced at $14.99 everyday at MODE, you can definitely find a look to compliment any outfit!

6.24.16 Sunglasses for every occasion

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