We’ve all been there – trying to decide if it is a casual, comfy or classy outdoor event.  It is a struggle when the weather is hot, the sun is shining and the humidity is creeping in.  We all want to look good, but we know the term “BBQ” means many things to many people.  We came up with some tips for you to dress the part regardless of the weather and event type.

Tip #1 – the invite is simply “BBQ”, but you aren’t sure of the attire – or will there be activities?  How about this, pair a nice pair of shorts (denim or cotton) with a fun and flattering tank.  A nice loose tank like the chiffon tanks we have at MODE pair well as they can be easily dressed up or down.  We then suggest a long, yet simple necklace or a fun pair of earrings.  These can be easily taken off and put in a purse if the environment is a bit more low key.  Add a simple pair of nicer flip flops or a strappy sandal and call it good!

Tip #2 – the invite is a “BBQ” with a pool party, but you know it isn’t the type of place where you can show up with your floatie and snorkel.  We suggest wearing a fun sun dress or a strapless maxi along with some strappy sandals.  A bonus of this is that you can put you swim top on as a strapless bra under the dress and easily change into your suit if a dive in the pool becomes an option.

Tip #3 – a BBQ that turns into a later evening with a possible bonfire.  Hot days don’t always mean hot nights.  Some of our MODE girls live in climates that get downright cool at night.  For this type of event, pair your daytime attire (be it a dress, shorts and a tank or a pair of capris) with a nice scarf.  Sometimes a chill can be avoided by a little coverage on the neck area.  A light cardigan is also a great go to as it can easily be brought in a bag or purse.

We don’t get many months of summer, so be sure you are enjoying them to the fullest and always feeling great!

7.1.16 Surviving the Summer BBQ

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